Why Coreflex

Coreflex Pharmacy Control Management System

Every pharmacy, whether low or high Prescription volume, has different goals in their complex operations but they all share the same vision of providing superior fulfillment, & customer service for their patients to keep them coming back!

In today’s market, there is a bewildering variety of vendors, Products, and solutions to consider for Pharmacy workflow automation and managing inventory and it’s not easy to decide what you should invest in.

See for yourself!

For over 25-years Coreflex has enabled companies to reach their vision and achieve their goals by providing automated pharmacy workflow software and dispensing solutions… and our technology is used by some of the most well-known pharmacies and pharmacy automation companies in the world.That same powerful technology and proven expertise is now available for any pharmacy regardless of size, or market segment.

From our decades of experience, it is clear that the must-have foundation for faster growth is workflow with inventory management. The Coreflex Pharmacy Control Management System is a flexible modular way for you to position your pharmacy for growth.

You may start by implementing Coreflex as software only so that your pharmacy has an organized process to fill prescriptions as efficiently as possible and real-time inventory control. This means you get

• Increased accuracy and productivity
• Lower cost per prescription
• Increased purchasing power with centralized inventory
• Reduced shrinkage with Real-time perpetual inventory
• And higher customer satisfaction by filling patient prescriptions without delay

When your pharmacy requires automated dispensing in any format, pouch, blister card, unit of use or vial, it will be easier to implement so that you really get the speed and accuracy these tools are capable of delivering. Just think… all coordinated through one scalable platform.

CoreFlex is flexible – that means you can utilize any type of counting technology to control and manage inventory. So, whether you are hand counting, using specialty medications, or high-end automation CoreFlex will tie it all together into a smooth workflow so you can meet your goals.

Is your pharmacy ready to achieve a competitive advantage? Talk to Coreflex!
  • Bradley C.
    Coreflex is a workhorse... Doing what needs to done day in and day out.
    Bradley C.
    Nashiville, TN