Pharmacy Control
Management Systems (PCMS)

We Provide Centralized Real Time Buying

  • Automatically generates consolidated POs by wholesaler
    for centralized purchasing.
  • Allows mixing of inventories for 340b and
    multiple pharmacy operations simultaneously.
  • Generates pre-sorted POs for quick receiving
    and replenishment using wholesaler totes.
  • Scan PO receiving immediately releases prescriptions
    awaiting inventory for fulfillment.

Perpetual Inventory

Real-time perpetual inventory is maintained for an NDC at each facility and each bin in a facility. Each NDC and bin have reorder points (ROPs) and capacities that indicate when a specific dispensing bin requires replenishment and when the overall facility requires replenishment.

Dispensing Replenishment

As prescriptions are filled inventory is decremented in real-time. When a specific bin drops below ROP an internal replenishment request is created to allow for replenishment from internal backup stock in order to keep all dispensing bins full for continuous dispensing.

Automatic PO Generation

When Purchase Orders are generated, CoreFlex compares facility ROPs to total facility inventory and generates a suggested Facility Replenishment Order (FRO). Additionally inventory required for prescriptions that have failed allocation (fill on arrival / back ordered) due to insufficient inventory may be added to the FRO so desired stock levels may be maintained after these FOA prescriptions have been filled.

Sub-Purchase orders are generated from the FRO based on supplier, facility and physical dispensing workstation. These workstation specific POs pre-sort the contents of the totes from the wholesaler to your physical pharmacy layout so restocking is efficient and fast.

Scan Receive against PO

As wholesaler totes arrive the tote barcode is scanned to identify the PO and as each bottle is scanned it is received into inventory and sorted to station specific replenishment carts.