Inventory Management

Pharmacy Control
Management Systems (PCMS)

Perpetual Inventory for Efficient Workflow

  • Automatically updates quantity in real-time as
    receiving, and filling tasks are performed.
  • Prescriptions only released into the workflow
    when inventory is available.
  • Lots and expirations are tracked for every location
    with full audit trail.
  • Business rules are applied to location groups
    for security and accountability.
CoreFlex brings its expertise in warehouse management and inventory control systems to the pharmacy market with its CoreFlex Pharmacy Control and Management System (PCMS). For decades CoreFlex has provided automated pharmacy workflow software and dispensing solutions as well as warehouse management and inventory control solutions. Now CoreFlex has combined the best of both solutions to provide the best inventory management controls and workflow available for your pharmacy.

CoreFlex allows every item in your pharmacy to be tracked and replenished seamlessly. The software will not allow orders or prescription to even begin the fulfillment process unless the inventory is on the shelf or in stock in your pharmacy. If your pharmacy has multiple filling areas (zones) every pill or item dispense is tracked and compared to your set inventory par levels. As technicians in each zone fills prescriptions CoreFlex will tally those counts compare it to your preset par levels and automatically generate a reorder report.

This capability allows your pharmacy technicians to focus on preforming their filling task and never worry about inventory. Some work zones may require different drugs, or NDCs, and the fast movers are not always the same for each work zone. CoreFlex can assist in eliminating the need for placing inventory alphabetically and can make recommendations for placement for your fastest moving medications. By assigning shelf barcodes, then scanning stock items to that bar code we provides a home location for that NDC. CoreFlex software can then alert each filling tech to the exact location of the medication they need for the specific patient prescription.

Another great CoreFlex advantage, when wholesaler shipment arrives and items are scanned the tote is then directed to the correct zone. This also signals that the inventory is in the pharmacy thus releasing any orders to the fulfillment side of the house.