Pharmacy Control
Management Systems (PCMS)

We Make Fulfillment Solutions Work:

  • Real-time communication and status updates
    with Pharmacy Information Systems.
  • Automatic inventory allocation, grouping and
    routing based on your custom priorities.
  • Automatic workload balancing of manual, semi-auto
    and full-auto counting.
  • End to end barcode traceability from receipt through
    to stock, dispense, pack and ship.

Accuracy and Traceability

In today’s pharmacy world, patient safety is paramount: your focus is providing the right drug, at the right strength, to the right patient. CoreFlex’s PCMS fulfillment software empowers your pharmacy to operate with patient safety at its core. With our vast experience in pharmacy workflow and nearly 3 decades of filling prescriptions, it ensures that every prescription is processed and filled efficiently with 100% barcode traceability from receipt through to stocking, dispensing packing and shipping.

Automatic Routing and Workflow Balancing

CoreFlex interfaces with your current pharmacy host system and takes over once an order is adjudicated. The prescriptions are grouped into orders and allocated against real-time inventory. Only prescriptions with available inventory are released into the workflow. Custom business rules allow you to decide what to do with prescriptions waiting for inventory. Orders are then electronically routed to the appropriate workstation containing the drug.

The technician’s workstation monitor displays instructions directing them to the stock bottle’s location. Only when the correct stock bottle is scanned will the patient-specific label print. The monitor’s instructions outline every step for the technician and it allows them to identify an exception. Once the prescription is filled, the label is scanned again, to complete the filling process.

Orders can then go through a quality assurance check (PV2). Each item is scanned and verified that it is 100% correct for the patient. Exceptions can be identified and automatically routed to a technician for corrective action. Once prescriptions and orders are verified correctly, CoreFlex assists with 100% scan verification during the packing and shipping process. The completed patient’s order can be packed with the appropriate drug information literature, including any customized promotions to the patient.